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Free Monitoring service: Is it worth it?


Is a Free Monitoring service something we should be concerned about? Yes, it is correct. Why? Because if something goes wrong with your internet business, this feature will notify you. This can help you avoid losing a lot of money and potential consumers if your site is taken down. So, let’s see what the Free Monitoring service’s main objective is and where you can discover it. But first, let us define what the Monitoring service implies.

What is the purpose of the Monitoring service?

The Мonitoring service is a must-have feature. It provides a wealth of information about the status of your servers, which you use for web, email, DNS, and other purposes.

Get the most suitable Monitoring service plan for your business!

It allows you to keep track of the status of your servers in real-time. You’ll be able to notice issues like a component failure or extremely slow traffic if you continually monitor your network. Furthermore, if an issue arises, a service like this will warn you automatically by email, text, or another mechanism such as webhooks.

Overloaded routers, server failures, and network connectivity issues are all detected by the Monitoring service.

Free Monitoring service – Definition

The Free Monitoring service, as its name implies, is the free version of this service. This implies that there is also a premium version. The Free one has the advantage of providing the most basic functions of the service. This would imply a set number of monitoring checks, log retention days, monitoring intervals, and so on. That is, Free Monitoring is better suited to small enterprises with a low volume of requests and loads on their website. If you are a huge firm, though, you should consider monitoring planes.

How can benefit it?

If you are intrigued by this service and want to make use of it, you can very easily get it. How? First, you need to look for a good and reliable provider of this service. Check-in advance if it is really free and what it offers in terms of benefits. Then, simply register and enter the necessary details that are required to make this service work. 

In addition, building you ease in your search for a good provider, the three companies below are some of the best and already proven professionals in the market:

  • UptimeRobot offers the Free version features 50 monitors and five-minute checks.
  • Statuscake‘s Free plan includes ten uptime monitoring checks at 5-minute intervals.
  • ClouDNS provides one monitoring check as part of the Free Monitoring plan. Around 80 monitoring locations are situated around the world. Furthermore, the monitoring intervals are 10, 15, 20, 30, and 60 minutes.


Let’s review! Free Monitoring is absolutely a beneficial service for your online business. However, it is more suitable for companies with low to medium traffic. You can benefit from this service by looking for a good and reliable Monitoring provider. 

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