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How to create a first-class website?


Do you want to create real jewelry of a site? A first-class website that will make everybody super impressed? It is definitely not easy, but if you put in a lot of determination, incredible effort and do as much as you can to please the visitors, you can have one. Follow these tips on improving your website and make it a truly premium experience.

Cover the basics.

You can’t build a mansion over a pile of rubbish, can you? Get all of the basics in order before you even start creating your site. Choose a domain name and premium DNS service. The DNS service will improve the domain availability, even if the Primary DNS server is down. Add DNSSEC for secure DNS communication.

And also, add an SSL certificate for your domain to ensure the communication between the server and the visitors.

Get the right hosting, and don’t be cheap. If you want to provide a first-class experience, you will need a VPS or a dedicated server with a lot of computing power. The computing power will convert to a faster site.

Create a great structure for your website.

Investigate your competitors, and see what kind of categories do they have. How many menus they have. Is there something that feels counter-intuitive for you? What is it? Can you make it better? Get all the good practice and remove the problems. Make it as easy as possible for the visitors.

Think about what devices do your users use.

If they are coming from mobile phones, optimize it for the screen’s size—the button sizes, the menus, and the site’s responsiveness. Everything should be in line with the philosophy – user should enjoy their stay on your premium site. They should feel like they own the place and never have trouble with menus or options.

Make your website light and fast. 

We already said about a fast server, but try to make it fast with a light theme and cache plugins. Each trick that you implement to gain speed will for sure payoff. Your users deserve the best site possible.

Brand identity of a first-class website.

Many of the previous tips are pushing you to create a site that has easy-to-understand menus, but it seems very similar to the rest. Here is your chance to brand it. Use your logo and your brand colors. Put the font that best represents you and the type of business that you have. Be consistent from page to page. Integrate the branding through any aspect of the site, including product shots, videos, additional PDF, or other document parts of your content strategy.

Don’t forget your content strategy. 

What is content marketing? The best weapon for social influence. Content marketing has the goal to create value for your visitors. You can do it with videos, audio podcasts, articles, additional documents, and more. You want your visitors to feel like a part of a community and see the extra value you provide them. They can be your brand advocates and promote it naturally if your content marketing is great. You will need quality content creators for that price, and you can also work with influencers from your market.

Test and review.

Each of the changes that you do will need some time to take effect. If you are implementing a new SEO strategy for your first-class website, you will need a few months to see the results. So put time, a value that can be measure and review each of the changes. You need to see if you are going the right way or you need to get back something. Listen to your visitors too. They are the key here. What do they think? What do they need? Put them first.


So, are you ready to own the game of creating a first-class website?

Go on, show us what you learn and make us proud!

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